About me

I am a self -taught art enthusiast from 

India. Practicing art now from 10 years or so. the Idea behind Cobalt Blue Tree is to make quality Art Products from Original Works to Art Education at a affordable price. And to ensure my artwork is contributing to the society weather its about awareness about the Environment and wildlife or facilitating art for underprivileged.

The story of

Cobalt Blue tree

It started as a Instagram Handle to publish small art works done to handle day to day stress. From being an enthusiastic crafter and up-cycler , exploring various mediums like glass painting and acrylic to becoming an avid Watercolor addict and Lover

This simple yet complicated medium is easy to paint but almost impossible to Master.  Cobalt Blue tree is dedicated to explore this medium with small to medium Original Art Works in Watercolor


Passed out college.

Bought first set of Watercolors. Got married

Blessed with beautiful daughter

Got Inspired by Beauty of America and started paint more elaborated and sellable art

Cobalt Blue Tree is launched

Searching for new Inspirations every moment and learning

Best selling Work